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The Core Purpose of the Air League is to be “an influential champion for aviation and aerospace”

The first role of the Air League is to provide the platforms/events to showcase the British aviation, aerospace and their part in security as leading contributors in UK society.

The second role is to promote a broad understanding of the benefits and opportunities that AAS delivers to the UK in a highly technological, innovative, entrepreneurial, skilled and politically astute, wealth-creating environment that is able to compete readily on a global basis.

The third role is to promote the significant career opportunities available in AAS industries in the UK


Continually ensure that society’s leaders appreciate and understand the vital contribution made by UK aviation and aerospace.

  • Showcase excellence in British aviation, aerospace and their part in security
  • Nurture talent
  • Provide opportunities for aspiring young fliers, engineers and other professionals
  • Influence UK industrial and government policy
  • Provide the platform to shape the debate on key issues affecting aviation, aerospace and their part in security.


To make the Air League an effective charitable venture with financial muscle and a strident voice, encouraging a national spirit in favour of AAS.

Members – Members from any part of the aerospace and aviation eco-system are vital components of the Air League. They provide understanding in their sector and leadership of thinking about how better to get the message across. It is not just about the participation of all members (though the more the better), but more about those leaders who choose to inspire and create better understanding on behalf of the Air League membership and beyond.

Customers – Industry, service providers, government, military, academia, schools, individuals, financial institutions and lawyers etc. The Air League seeks to devote its full attention to inspiring these entities to work together in the common aim of keeping the UK in the vanguard of excellence and endeavour in the sphere of aviation and aerospace irrespective of their desire to take up membership.

Membership & Partnership – our ability to grow and diversify: The Air League takes a lead role in nurturing membership and facilitating national and international partnerships, co-operation and dialogue that keeps AAS in the forefront of the policy agenda.

People – The Air League seeks to operate as a key facilitator in fostering interest in the whole field of AAS with particular emphasis on career development of young people, providing opportunities for the underprivileged and to create a serious and effective platform for debate and networking.

Technology & Innovation – the future: The Air League (and where appropriate with partners) with its membership sponsors events and activities that showcase the leading edge technologies and crucial industry skills that benefit the UK industrial base.

Financial Sustainability – the means to make the charity increasingly effective: The Air League nurtures and encourages greater involvement and participation of its existing membership whilst concurrently attracting new membership and thereby ensuring stronger financial base.