Innovators’ Global Challenge Streams

tHE categories

There are five categories you can choose from, and you are free to focus on more than one category. You can either develop a current concept further or develop your own brand-new technology which fits into any of the categories.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFS)

Entries in this category could cover a number of issues relating to the widespread implementation of SAFs.
We want to know how production of current SAFs can be accelerated on a much larger scale, we need to understand more about the development of these fuels and their production in the UK and globally.

We want to know how SAF adoption could become more attractive to airlines.
Areas to consider further; production, handling, storage, future SAF concepts

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Entries in this category should aim to explain how CCS technology can support emissions reduction across the aviation industry.

We want to understand how CCS can work alongside current aviation operations and how it can be used to reduce emissions. We want to know if CCS can be deployed on its own or alongside other technologies.

Understanding how scalable this technology is both in the UK and globally is key to understanding whether it is useful in achieving net zero emissions. There is a significant challenge of volume, current technology is small scale.


Entries working in this category will aim to answer how battery electric aircraft technology can help achieve net zero emissions for the aviation sector.

We want to understand how battery electric aircraft concepts can be implemented and how they can be used to offset emissions from other areas of the sector.

We want to know how battery electric aircraft can be developed for longer range and how quickly this technology can be developed Consider areas of Electric aircraft design, charging, battery storage, electric distribution, and supporting infrastructure.

Liquid and Gaseous Hydrogen

Entries in this category will aim to answer and explore Liquid and gaseous hydrogen production, storage, refueling/defueling, distribution, and supporting infrastructure.

Hydrogen is a new concept in terms of its consideration as an aviation fuel. We want to know how scalable it is given its chemical composition.

We want to know more about how it can be transported and stored. Which is safer and easier to use, liquid or gas?

We want to understand how compatible hydrogen is with current aircraft platforms and what adaptions may need to be made to future concepts.

Holistic or Alternative Concepts

Entries in this category are encouraged to explore areas outside of the engineering element.

We want to understand the role of human factors in new, sustainable aircraft concepts and how human factors may be affected by such rapid changes in the industry.

We want to know how policy, finance, and future demand projections for the use of future fuels and electric concepts will change over the coming decades and how these factors can help us facilitate the implementation of sustainable aviation technology at UK and global airports.


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