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Soaring to Success!

The Air League is launching a brand new initiative with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

We are offering students from the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Area the opportunity to learn more about the aviation and aerospace industries as well as giving them an opportunity to go gliding and flying. Selected schools have chosen to take part.

The programme will be done in Stages:

  • Interactive Workshops for up to 1300 students in June for Year 9 students and October for Year 12 students.
  • Gliding Taster Days for 200 students in June/July
  • Immersive gliding courses for a selected number of students
  • Powered flying opportunities in August

Year 12 Students

If you are a Year 12 student from Barnsley College and were selected for the Gliding Taster Days at Wolds Gliding Club or at Yorkshire Gliding Club w/c 17th June 2019 – applications are now open for you to have further flying experiences as part of the programme!

We will be taking 20 students on an immersive gliding day w/c 15th July 2019 which will see you soar to new heights!

For further information and to apply. Click here.

Year 9 Students

If you are a Year 9 Student from one of the following schools and took part in the Soaring to Success Workshops 10-12th June:

  • Horizon Community College
  • Kirk Balk Community College
  • Penistone Grammar ALC
  • Springwell Community Special School
  • Holy Trinity
  • The Dearne ALC
  • Outwood Shafton
  • Outwood Carlton
  • Netherwood

We are now accepting applications from you to take part in a free gliding taster day 8-12th July 2019. This will involve you getting a trial flight at one of our chosen gliding clubs – Yorkshire Gliding Club, Wolds Gliding Club and York Gliding Centre.

We have 100 places on offer. Please click here to apply.

We will choose the students for this gliding days together with your college or school.

Thank you for your support!