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Soaring to Success!

The Air League is launching a brand new initiative with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

We are offering students from Barnsley College and from Penistone Grammar School the opportunity to learn more about the aviation and aerospace industries as well as giving them an opportunity to go gliding.

The programme will be done in Stages:

  • Interactive Workshops for up to 1300 students
  • Gliding Taster Days for 200 students in June/July
  • Immersive gliding courses for a selected number of students

We are working with some fantastic partners on this event – more to follow soon.

If you are from Barnsley College or from Penistone Grammar School and are either a Year 9 or Year 12 student, you can submit an application for the gliding taster days here.  We will choose the students for this scheme together with your college and school.

You will be given further information about eligibility for the scheme at the workshops hosted by the Air League.