Accessibility Statement

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AccessibilityThe Air League is constantly working to make as accessibleand usable as possible. Our website has been created using WordPress. To thisend, we have included the text and a link below. is based on aplatform that is designed to be as accessible and usable as possible for every user.If you encounter any difficulties with accessibility to our website, or would liketo provide feedback please do let us know at or alternativelyplease call on 020 7766 3458.Wordpress, link andstatement AccessibilityThe WordPress community and the open source WordPress project iscommitted to being as inclusive and accessible as possible. We want users,regardless of device or ability, to be able to publish content and maintain awebsite or application built with WordPress.WordPress aims to make the WordPress Admin and bundled themes fullyWCAG 2.0 AA compliant where possible.All new and updated code released in WordPress must conform with theseguidelines as per the WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards. Somecurrent features and functionality in development may not yet fully comply,and known issues are listed in the WordPress Trac “accessibility” focus.While the WordPress project cannot guarantee that all Themes are compliant,the accessibility-ready themes have been checked by the Theme ReviewTeam to ensure that these themes pass their basic accessibility requirements.


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