Innovators Global Challenge FAQs


Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to adhere to a word or page count on the written part of the project?

Yes, the 1000 word limit is to help you focus your work on the really important aspects. It’s important to be as precise as possible when creating your submission. You will have the opportunity to expand on your work if you are successful in getting through to the pitching stage.

What is the prize for winners?

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of the prizes and will be updated.  

First prize offers:

  • The opportunity for the winning team to virtually present their proposal at an international aviation industry sustainability conference series in Autumn 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity to pitch your ideas directly to industry and potential investors.
  • A one-week industry engineering placement with one of the Air League’s Corporate Members*
  • A fully funded flying induction course to help offer an all-rounded understanding of the aviation sector*
  • One year’s individual membership to the Air League.
  • Expert lead support in developing their pitch ready for presenting.

Second prize offers:

  • The opportunity to attend the international conferences as guests of the Air League and will be able to benefit from exclusive network opportunities with industry professionals
  • One year’s individual membership to the Air League

Third prize offers:

  • Access to the international conference resources and opportunities 
  • One year’s individual membership to the Air League

*Available to permanent UK residents only.

Should I include any project finances?

Yes, we encourage you to include a brief section on project finances. This could include anything from the list below, however you will have more time to cover this if successful in the pitching stage, and we would prefer you to spend more time focusing on the technical aspect of your project for your 1000-word submission.

⁃ Staff salaries 

⁃ Contracting costs 

⁃ Material costs 

⁃ Testing facility costs 

⁃ Any other miscellaneous expenses 

For the first submission, a simple project finance overview is sufficient.

Can I claim expenses for any costs incurred during the competition? 

Unfortunately, expenses cannot be claimed at this stage of the competition and any costs incurred during research or testing must be covered by the team.

Do I need to pre-record a presentation to submit? 

No, first round submissions are in written format only.

Where can I find material to research and reference my project?

A number of academic platforms exist in which thorough research can be conducted and correctly referenced. We suggest ResearchGate, Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic. Your education provider or local library may also be able to offer you free access to additional academic journal databases. It is important to correctly reference your work, details of how to do this can be found here

Do I need to create a timeline for my proposed project? 

We advise a timeline is included within your submission. This can include details of how you expect your technology to develop and is not included in the word count.

Does my project have to be focused on the commercial aviation sector? 

No, we welcome projects which look at all aspects of the aviation sector: commercial, general, and military. 

Shortlisting – How does the shortlisting process work? 

Once applications are received on the 24th of June 2022, a shortlisting process will take place. We will notify successful candidates by the 30th of June. Six finalists will be chosen and will then have until Farnborough International Airshow on the 22nd of July to prepare their pitch for presentation in front of a judging panel of industry experts in the final.

The final will be an in-person event, taking place at Farnborough International Airshow on the 22nd of June 2022, although the ability to join remotely will be option.   

In the shortlisting stage, the focus will be on the method by which the proposal tackles achieving net zero emission by 2050. In the final judging phase, more emphasis will be placed on the commercial viability and technical design.

Shortlisted contestants will receive feedback and mentoring on the technical aspects of their project in preparation for the final pitch.  

All applications will be judged anonymously with only the team name visible to the judging and shortlisting panels. This is to ensure all teams are judged on an equal level for the competition.  

Do I need to give information on my education status?

You will be asked to give some basic information on your education and professional experience when filling out the application form, as well as providing some information on any previous work done or support received for your entry.   

Can I enter as an individual or do I need to make a team?

While we accept single entries, the competition will demand a lot of your time and dedication and we therefore feel the workload would be easier to share amongst teammates, however if you feel you are able to manage all aspects yourself, then please apply as a single entry.

Can the Air League help me find teammates?

Unfortunately, the Air League or Sustainable Aviation will not be able to help with finding teammates. 

If you are applying as a team and want to add new team members later in the competition, the competition delivery team will have discretion whether new team members can be added at a later point. 

What if someone submits a similar entry to mine?

It is always possible that entries we receive may consist of similar proposals, especially if they are tackling the same category. All applications are judged on their own merits and by how well the proposal is researched, referenced and executed.  

Information for Education Providers and Apprentice Leads  

We actively encourage education providers and apprentice leads to get involved and organise a group of students. Any shortlisted teams will be provided with access to industry expert mentors who will provide further support. This access will be virtual and between initial shortlisting and final judging we do not expect travel to be necessary.

Education providers and apprentice leads may act in a supporting role to applicants during their design proposals, but we kindly ask that teams provide a brief description of any external help provided in their application forms.


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