Project Slingshot begins


The Air League’s Project Slingshot took a great step forward yesterday (8th October 2020) with the delivery of the first aircraft kit to our build partner in the West Midlands, which will be announced next week.

Nick West, the CEO of the Air League said: “We have had some fantastic support for the programme so far, which will genuinely make a huge difference to many young people who aspire to a career in the aviation and aerospace industries”.

Slingshot 1 was transported by Pulleyn Transport, to the build location. The Air League would like to thank our great friend, Ralph Perkins and his team at the Aviation Logistics Network for their vision and passion for supporting young people and for very kindly sponsoring the transportation costs. 

What is Project Slingshot

The Air League has been awarded grant funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to kick start its flagship National Youth Aircraft Building initiative – Project Slingshot.  This project will provide a major boost to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) agenda of the UK’s aviation and aerospace industries to positively influence the career outcomes of many ’00s of young people across the UK.

Project Slingshot will give young people practical, hands-on experience in aviation manufacture and flight. The initiative will support groups of young people to deliver a complete aircraft and to develop practical skills in engineering, project management and teamwork.  Project Slingshot aircraft deliver a legacy beyond the initial build programme, with each completed aircraft planned to deliver many years of flying for cadets, other youth groups and Air League scholars.

Further information about the project, our delivery partners and ways to get involved will be released shortly.

Aviation Logistics Network

Since 2006, the Aviation Logistics Network is an independent association of international logistics service providers, all of which specialise in the transportation of time-critical freight for the Aerospace Industry. Apart from combining their resources and skills, the co-operation within this global organisation primarily focuses on the flow of communication and direct action during exceptional logistics cases.

With currently about 350+ stations around the world, the network structure provides a high degree of localised decision-making skills, when attending to and monitoring individual freight solutions, so time-critical deliveries arrive quickly and smoothly. Further information about the Aviation Logistics Network can be downloaded here.

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