Rotary Aviation Opportunities Webinar


Presented by Castle Air Academy, the Rotary Aviation Opportunities webinar will showcase the different career paths within rotary aviation. Helicopters are used in a variety of professional disciplines: charter flights, light cargo transportation, search and rescue, medical services, offshore services, military operations and more. Breaking down the qualifications required to become a helicopter pilot, the webinar will also feature a Q&A from industry professionals with years of experience and provide a good starting point for anyone looking to begin a career in rotary aviation. Castle Air Academy also provide engineering courses and these will be discussed for any budding aerospace engineers.

Castle Air Academy is an internationally recognised training organisation with over 40 years’ experience, ensuring that pilots are trained to the highest standard. The Academy team consists of multiple instructors and examiners who all hold the highest grades of professional licenses, boasting many years of aviation experience. Castle Air Academy instructors have experience in a variety of different roles including Air Ambulance, Police, Military, Offshore and Charter. Our The Head of Training has over 25 years of aviation experience and 17 years’ experience in teaching and examining.

The Webinar will take place from 1pm-2pm on Thursday 9th May 2024. Please use the form below to sign up.

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