The Air League Launches The UK’s First Electric Flying Scholarship Programme


The Air League are delighted to announce the launch of the UK’s first electric flying Scholarship programme, which will see up to 5 Scholarships worth 5 hours each be awarded to young people from across the UK.

The Scholarships, which will take place with SaxonAir at Norwich Airport, will use the Pipistrel Velis Electro, with additional simulator time, ground school and sustainability discussions and education. The Air League has been working to promote sustainable air-mindedness amongst the next generation, and the Electric Flying Scholarships will ensure a renewed focus on sustainable aviation.

The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world’s first type certified fully electric aircraft. Producing zero emissions during operation, the two-seater aircraft is intended primarily for pilot training. With a maximum cruise speed of 98 kcas, maximum altitude of 1200ft and a maximum range of 50 minutes, the Velis Electro is the perfect electric training aircraft.

The Electric Flying Scholarships follow last year’s JetZero Network reception and panel discussion, and the Innovators Global Challenge in 2022. The Air League is proud to be leading the way for the future of sustainable aviation.

Candidates must have a strong interest in sustainable aviation and should wish to pursue the topic further into their career. Applications will close on 7th April, with the successful candidates completing their courses over the summer.

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