The Air League’s JetZero Generation Network Inspires Sustainable Air-Mindedness in Young People


On Monday the 3rd of July, the Air League and McKinsey & Company held the inaugural JetZero Generation Network. Our panel guests emphasised how vital the current generation is to deliver change and drive forward a sustainable aviation sector over the coming decades. Addressing issues such as flight shaming, the trend of going ‘flight free for climate change’ and discussing the career progression options for young people entering the industry, The Air League is proud to be leading the way for the future of sustainable aviation, promoting sustainable air-mindedness to our young members. 

Thank you to our hosts McKinsey and Company, our Panel Guests Jonathon Counsell, Amy Ruddock, Martin Hawley and Rachel Gardner-Poole, and our attendees for contributing to this event.

‘The JetZero Generation face one of the most imporant and influential changes in the history of aviation, ensuring the future of the industry is secured for many decades and centuries to come. If we don’t act now to foster a truly sustainable aviation sector, the sector simply will not survive and other forms of transport will take precedence. It is vital that we as a charity engage with the future generation in order to demonstrate roles which may be out of scope for some young people, showcasing the diverse range of activities and career opportunities which form our incredible aviation industry.’

– Bridget Donaldson, Sustainability Lead at the Air League.

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