A Webinar with Dave Burns: ‘Helping Dreams Take Flight’


Members of the Air League are invited to attend a Webinar with Air League Member, Ryanair TRI, ex Susi Air Captain and founder of the Flyer Watch Company, Dave Burns, on his journey in aviation so far. The webinar will take place on 15th April 2024 at 6pm on Teams. Use the form at the bottom of the page to sign up!

David Burns is a seasoned pilot and aviation enthusiast whose journey to the skies has been as remarkable as it is inspiring. His fascination with aviation was kindled at a young age, fostered by his family’s involvement in the industry and his own global travels. Despite leaving school early, David’s determination to realise his dream remained steadfast. He worked in various fast-food restaurants and later as a car sales executive, while his ambition to become a pilot never wavered. Starting with his Private Pilots Licence and hour building in the Midlands, David then pursued his Commercial Flight Training in Bristol. David’s perseverance and commitment were rewarded when he landed his first pilot position with Susi Air, a Part 135 operator featured prominently in various television documentaries. Starting as a First Officer, he later became a Captain flying the Cessna Grand Caravan. Susi Air stands out for its indispensable role in providing crucial air transport services to remote and underserved areas across the Indonesian archipelago. Specialising in areas with limited infrastructure, Susi Air employs versatile aircraft like the Cessna Grand Caravan and Pilatus Porter, adept at short takeoffs and landings to reach remote airstrips and communities. Recognised for its contributions to humanitarian missions, medical evacuations, and logistical support for isolated regions, Susi Air is an integral component of Indonesia’s transportation network. Its impact on connecting remote communities to essential services and fostering socio-economic development has been widely documented in numerous television documentaries worldwide. Since Susi Air over a decade ago, David has flown the Boeing 737 for various European airlines to destinations across Europe, Africa, the US, and the Caribbean. He has transitioned from being a First Officer to a Captain and is now a Type Rating Instructor.

In 2023, David co-founded The Flyer Watch Company, a British family-owned watch brand that deeply values aviation. With their 25 years of experience in the industry, the company aims to support aspiring pilots by allocating a portion of its profits from each watch purchase to scholarships and charitable causes. The Flyer Watch Company’s mission is to not only offer attractive and high-quality timepieces but also make a meaningful difference in helping dreams take flight.

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