British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy- Air League Webinar


Join the British Airways Emerging Talent Team on Thursday September 14th at 4pm-5pm for an Air League members’ exclusive webinar all about the new Speedbird Pilot Academy programme launching soon. This is a fully funded training scheme for up to 60 successful candidates working with selected Flight Training Organisations.

The creation of the British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy will see the cost barrier of training to become an airline pilot removed, making the profession much more accessible. Successful candidates will be offered a place at an approved flight training school and, on passing the course, a position as a British Airways pilot, helping the airline to ensure it has the right levels of future flying talent for years to come.

With initial training that can cost tens of thousands of pounds, the price of becoming a pilot has made the profession prohibitive for many. This cost will now be funded by British Airways – with a multi-million-pound investment from the airline into its next generation of pilots – making it a genuine career path for all aspiring pilots.

The Speedbird Pilot Academy would be an ideal path for many Air League Members and Scholars with little experience. The Programme is designed for those at PPL level or below.

The webinar will cover an overview of the programme and its modules, application and interview preparation and advice, and a Q&A session for any questions to be answered by the team at British Airways.

To sign up for the webinar, see the form below.

*Please note, the Members’ Newsletter had a timing error in the section about the webinar: the correct timing is 16:00-17:00.*

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