Soaring to Success®

Soaring to SUccess ®

What is Soaring to Success?

Soaring to Success® is a careers enrichment programme that bridges the gap between education and industry. It aims to inspire, enable, and support the next generation to consider a career within aviation and aerospace. The programme also aims to increase and improve social mobility through the inspiration and realisation that these opportunities and possibilities are accessible and achievable by anyone.

What’s involved?

Designed for students in state-funded education, the programme compliments existing career provisions by providing accessible, in-depth information and knowledge that showcases the vast range of incredible roles and opportunities available.

Delivered across the academic year with support from industry, the staged programme includes career conferences and e-learning modules that provide an overview and insight into the career pathways available. The programme concludes with further enhanced career and skill workshops, combined with air experience and engineering taster days.


Join our Soaring to Success Stage 1 week with talks from major airlines, industry partners and special guests. The webinars are free to view using Zoom and you can dip in and out of any session. 

Choose from the dates below to discover the line-up and register now.


Monday 20th (12:10 – 14:50)

Tuesday 21st (09:10 – 11:50)

Wednesday 22nd (12:10 – 14:50)

Thursday 23rd (09:10 – 11:50)

Friday 24th (12:10 – 14:50)

Stage One

Through our virtual careers conferences, designed for young people
aged 13-17, we aim to showcase the vast range of incredible roles and opportunities
available within UK aviation, aerospace, and space.

Stage Two

Through our industry led and academically designed virtual modules, completed through
our accredited learning management system, individuals are given an in-depth
understanding and further insight into roles and pathways available. Modules cover
employability skills, principles of flight, cybersecurity, propulsion, drones, and remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Stage Three

Individuals who successfully complete stage two are then given the opportunity to progress onto further enhanced career workshops through our
Soaring to Success Air Experience or Engineering Taster Days, therefore experiencing first-hand the different aspects of aviation learned previously, and the
opportunities available.

Continuous Professional Development

Participants of the programme are then directed to further opportunities to continue on their career pathway within aviation, aerospace and space.

Further or Higher Education courses with
partner organisations
Air League Flying, Gliding and Engineering
Apprenticeships and Traineeships with
partner organisations

We’ve teamed up with TalentView Aviation to ensure all our participants of the programme are given to opportunity to continue on their career pathways within aviation and aerospace

TalentView Aviation is the place for talented individuals to find first jobs, educational courses, and other exciting opportunities and be seen by employers across the UK aviation industry

2023 Programme Funders

Soaring to Success® 2022

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