The 2017 Andrew Humphrey Memorial Lecture


The annual  Sir Andrew Humphrey Memorial Lecture will be held on Thursday, 16 November 2017 at 6:45 PM at 4 Hamilton Place London.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor, Lucie Murphy and Lauren Richardson Will speak on “Women with Wings”

Three distinguished female pilots will take part in this lecture, starting with two former Air League scholars, Lauren Richardson and Lucie Murphy talking about their own and very different remarkable experiences in aviation. Lauren, a Communications engineer, is a highly skilled aerobatic pilot who is regularly seen on the UK Air Display Circuit. She is also an Ambassador for the Light Aircraft Association.

Lucie followed a different path by joining the Royal Air Force as a pilot and flying C130 Hercules aircraft, including on operations in Afghanistan. Lucie then joined British Airways and is now a first officer flying Boeing 777 aircraft; she is married to a British Airways pilot and has a young baby, demonstrating that families and flying really do mix!

The third member of the team is the celebrated long-distance aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who, during the last few years, has flown her Boeing Stearman aeroplane over five continents. This has included flights to Australia, from South Africa to the United Kingdom, and more recently across the United States of America. This flight was intended to recognise and publicise some of the early female aviation pioneers. The lecture will include some remarkable photographs and videos.

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The lecture will be followed by a drinks and buffet reception in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s elegant rooms.

Admission to the Lecture is FREE

The subsequent Buffet and Reception will be at the subsidised rate of £35.00 per member and £35.00 for subsequent guests.


 If you would like to attend the lecture and reception please fill in the attached form. For those only wanting to attend the lecture please fill in the attached form.

All completed form should emailed to or return it to:

Andrew Humphrey Memorial Lecture

The Air League

 Broadway House

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Applications should be made as soon as possible but not later than Friday, 10 November 2017

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