Youth in Aviation Parliamentary Reception


On Wednesday 4th November, a host of aviation organisations including the Air League, Air Cadets, Air Scouts, LAA, RAeS Young Members and Aerobility – will descend on the Houses of Parliament to highlight to politicians and industry stakeholders the social benefits of youth access to aviation and the vital connection such activities have with the future prosperity of the British aerospace industry.

The reception, entitled ‘Youth in Aviation’, will celebrate the achievements of the participating voluntary organisations, with the key message for parliamentarians being that aviation is not for the privileged few. The reception will show that there are no financial barriers to experiencing aviation at first hand and enjoying the benefits that it brings in terms of personal development.

The day will also give the organisations the chance to raise some legitimate concerns with parliamentarians. Specific recommendations will include maintaining investment in R&D, establishing a more formal link between industry and volunteering and encouraging greater connectivity between aerospace and formal education.

 Commenting on the event, Baroness Sue Garden, event sponsor said:

 “It is well known that the UK aerospace industry is number one in Europe and second only to the US globally. This can only continue if there is a constant supply of highly motivated young people – women as well as men – willing to support this thriving and diverse industry by entering the industry in all manner of roles.  The reception will be a great way to celebrate the success of all of the organisations who are helping to nurture tomorrow’s aviation professionals.”

 Andy Perkins, Air League Trustee added:

“So many careers continue to attract a stereo-typed caricature of previous generations. All of the organisations which we highlight below are committed to making aerospace available to all members of society, from all walks of life.”


The event is underpinned by the production of a Position Paper on UK Youth in Aviation entitled ‘Aviation for Everyone’ which profiles all of the aviation organisations involved in the reception. It also contains a number of key recommendations to Government. The document can be downloaded here:

Read the Youth in Aviation Position Paper here.

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