Scholarships and Training Organisations Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Scholarships and Training Organisations


  1. The Air League awards flying, ground school, engineering and other types of scholarships and bursaries, as well as organising other forms of activities.

  2. These Terms and Conditions shall apply as the context may be relevant to all Air League contracts, agreements, dealings, representations and matters of whatever kind including Air League scholarships, bursaries, air experience flights, engineering and other forms of vocational training, recreational, leisure and other activities of whatever kind whether in the air or on the ground (referred to herein as “Air League Activities”) and organised by or under the name of the Air League.

  3. The Air League (“AL and Air League”) is a UK based organisation founded in 1909 and exists in two distinct parts: The Air League Trust (“ALT”) and Air League Enterprises Limited (“ALE”). ALT is a UK Charity registered with the Charity Commission (UK Charity Number 1129969) and a UK Company limited by guarantee (UK Company Number 06794828) which grants scholarships to enable Scholars to attend training courses and gain experience in connection with flying, known as “Air League Scholarships”. ALE is a separate UK Company limited by guarantee (UK Company Number 00102488).

  4. The Chief Executive of the Air League is responsible for its administration and is governed by a Board of Trustees/Directors who are unpaid volunteers and who are responsible under UK Charity and Company law.

  5. On past experience of the Air League, people who apply for AL scholarships are from a wide variety of backgrounds and from a wide cross section of society. AL encourages applications to participate in its activities in particular from people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to fly or be involved with aviation, aerospace and space. In carrying out its activities, AL will seek to apply the benefit test under the Charity Act and Equalities Act.

  6. There is no compulsion, obligation or pressure of any kind on a person to take part in an Air League activity or to accept any scholarship or invitation and, subject to matters below, the decision to participate or undergo any activity whether a flying or other experience or training or to continue with any activity when on a course is and shall remain that of the individual concerned.

  7. Flying training courses and activities can be demanding both mentally and physically. When difficulties arise, in making the decision whether to continue with such training, the prime considerations normally to be taken into account are the legal responsibilities of all those concerned and the health and safety of the participant as well as of others, including of the flying instructors and the public. A flying training course will be curtailed in the event that it is decided by ALT in their sole discretion that it is not in the best interests of the participant, the TO, ALT or the public to continue. In such event the decision of ALT is at its sole discretion, is final.

  8. If a Scholar has any concerns or problems which may arise during a flying training course, they should be taken up in the first instance with the TO, and if not resolved, with the Chief Executive of The Chief Executive or a person delegated to act on their behalf shall be available to Scholars to give advice and assistance, but it must be recognised that the relevant professionals and qualified persons at the TO should be consulted for all professional and training advice.

  9. All Scholars selected for flying training should satisfy themselves that they are able and willing to undergo flying training to the determined standard at the time of being offered an ALT flying training If a Scholar has any concerns or doubts as to this, they should be raised and discussed with ALT.

  10. If a Scholar is unable to enter and exit an aircraft unaided, depending on resources and availability of equipment and trained personnel, the Scholar may be invited by ALT to be referred to an organisation which specialises in mobility impaired flying training.

  11. Flying training includes the taking of risks. It is imperative that all Scholars self- assess and avoid the taking of any unnecessary risks when engaged in flying training. This includes not flying if feeling unwell, abstaining from taking any drugs or alcohol and discussing any matter of concern with their flying instructor or the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) of the TO. This is in particular in relation to flying solo or without guidance from a qualified flight instructor, but applies to all flying training. Such matters will be treated sympathetically and in

  12. The decision of the Air League at its sole discretion shall be final in respect of all matters including the award of scholarships and all AL activities whether offered by way of competition or otherwise.


  1. References herein to the Air League shall include ALT and ALE (as defined below), their employees, officers, trustees, directors and persons acting on its behalf.

  2. References herein to scholarships includes reference to bursaries and all other forms of support or nomination for participation in AL activities including flying or tother training or support of any kind given to individuals or groups by the Air League and references to scholars shall have like meaning.

  3. The acceptance by any person of a scholarship shall be deemed to accept ALT’s terms and conditions.

  4. Reference herein to a training organisation (“TO”) herein includes reference to all forms of organisation involved in giving experiences or training to scholars on the ground or in the air or virtually and whether or not connected to flying and shall include flying schools, clubs and bodies, whether an approved TO or other organisation, group or body, whether or not involved in the air or on the ground or virtually with aircraft, engineering or with aviation, aerospace or space learning or otherwise.

  5. All TOs engaged with the AL shall be deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

  6. The singular shall include the plural and vice versa herein.

Law of England to Apply

  1. The law of England shall apply to all contractual and non-contractual matters concerning and arising out of any representations by, dealings with or matters concerning the Air League and all such matters shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts to which all parties submit.

Limitation of Liability for Loss or damage

  1. The Air League shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused which may result from any representation, action or omission by it, except liability for death or personal injury or as otherwise excluded by law.

  2. In the event of a conflict between any representation or statement made by the Air League and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail. These terms and conditions will be reviewed and updated from time to time and will be published  on the Air League website. 

  3. Any offer by the Air League to any person to participate in an AL activity does not constitute any representation by the Air League that such person is competent to participate in such activity whether it involves flying or otherwise. That decision rests with the person concerned.

  4. The relevant TO with which the Air League contracts to carry out an activity shall have full and exclusive responsibility as to whether a scholar or other person who is to be   involved in an activity whether on the ground or in the air will have the capability or aptitude to be able to undergo such activity (including where relevant but not by way of limitation flying training) and shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that this is so. The Air League takes no responsibility for any representation made in respect of any such matters by any person including any expressly or impliedly made by its employees or others ostensibly made on its behalf whether in writing or orally.

  5. Any TO involved in carrying out an AL activity agrees to indemnify in full and hold harmless the Air League, its lawful visitors and invitees against any and all loss damage expenses and costs howsoever incurred including in respect of any claim brought against the Air League or them in respect thereof including but not by way of limitation in relation to a claim for negligence or breach of contract or claim under statute or otherwise and without limitation as to the amount of the sum if any involved whether as a consequence of there being in place a contract or otherwise, except as may be excluded by law.

  6. Any TO which has agreed to carry out any Air League Activity shall have in place at all relevant times a policy of insurance in respect of public liability of not less than £7,500,000 or such greater sum so as to satisfy fully all claims including for which the TO and Air League may in total be liable in connection with any such agreement and shall nominate the Air League as a beneficiary on such policy and on demand shall forthwith produce to the Air League a copy of such policy and the last premium.

  7. As flying training and other Air League Activities inevitably includes risk in particular when piloting or being carried in an aircraft as a passenger, it is important that the risks are recognised, understood and accepted by any and all prospective Scholars and persons involved in Air League Once ALT has introduced a person to the TO, the TO shall assume responsibility for all aspects of training. The TO must be satisfied that it is safe and acceptable in all respects to continue to train or involve a person in an activity and must at all times take measures to ensure such persons safety, especially that of children under 18 yrs of age, and in addition to comply with its statutory and regulatory obligations imposed upon it by law.

  8. Although The Air League does not accept that it would be liable for loss or damage arising out of its activities, except where it is prohibited by law to do so the Air League limits liability to £100 for any loss or damage of any kind, including any consequential loss and damage.

  9. For some scholars, a scholarship will provide not a flying or other training course but a flying or other experience during which the scholar will be able to obtain technical (aviation or other related) skills as well as or alternatively personal development skills. A flying training course may include study and instruction on the ground as well as in the air as a trainee pilot. All this will be conducted by the TO who will be solely responsible for such instruction.

  10. It may in certain cases be necessary to alter, adjust or curtail training of the Scholar if in the view of the TO or ALT that this is advisable or necessary, in particular having regard to matters relating to health and safety of all persons concerned.

  1. The decision of the Air League at its sole discretion shall be final in respect of all matters including the award of scholarships and concerning all AL activities whether offered by way of competition or for reward or otherwise.

Air League General Terms and Conditions March 2022


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