Green Skills Week: Aviation & Aerospace Careers


This is a unique opportunity for students to engage with speakers from seven leading organisations (UK and worldwide) and gain an insight into 21 distinct career opportunities across the broad scope of the aviation and aerospace industries. This being the first stage of the Soaring to Success programme, participating students can go on to access further extracurricular e-learning and careers information, and selected eligible students will have the opportunity to fly at one of our Air Experience Days in May – July 2022.

This Insight Day will:

  • Introduce the UK, and worldwide, aviation and aerospace industries
  • Spotlight varied job roles across the industries, including examples in: Cargo transport, Engineering disciplines, Military flying, Passenger transport, Remotely piloted systems, Space, and Sport and Leisure
  • Highlight opportunities to work in STEM, legal, logistical, financial, interpersonal, creative, and environmental roles
  • Identify routes and entry advice into early career pathways in aviation & aerospace

Designed for a virtual audience with accompanying support material, and selected post-16, post-18 and graduate pathways, this conference is ideal for targeted or large-scale careers enrichment.

Soaring to Success is the flagship outreach programme of the Air League: the UK’s leading aviation and aerospace charity. The programme is designed specifically to introduce 14 to 17-year-old students with no former connection to aviation or aerospace industries to the wealth of employment options available and to provide a gateway to gaining meaningful and relevant industry experience.

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